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INTRODUCING - Primus PC Audiometer, Real Ear & Test Box

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The Most Unique Audiometer I Have Seen in Over 30 Years!

NEW - iAudiometer iPad App 

From $399.99 -  $799.99

Air, Bone, Speech

SPECIAL New Price: Used 2011-12 Otometrics Aurical's

 Audiometer, REM & VO 


Calibrated & Free Shipping USA - While Supplies Last

New  Audiometers:

Amplivox 270 Diagnostic Portable - $2200.00 (FREE SHIPPING)

 Frye Colt Android Tablet Clinical Audiometer - $4495.00 (FREE SHIPPING)

 New Tympanometers: Amplivox Otowave $2995.00 with Printer

New Sound Booths: VocalBooth - a great alternative to steel booths! 4'x4' - $3945.00, 6'x6' - $7445.00 other sizes available. Economical, Easy to Install, Good NR Values

M-100 Video Otoscope - Compares to $4000 VO's - only $1595.00

AMC Wireless Video Otoscope - Connect to Computer or TV $1995.00

Used Equipment:

Audiometers (Qualitones, Maico, etc.), Tympanometer/Impedance, Real Ear  Test Boxes, ABR/VNG/ENG/OAE, Sound Booths, VAC's, UV,  more. Go to PRICE LIST tab.

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