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Majest LLCBuy, Sell & Help-U-SellNew & Used Audiometric Equipment888-383-4096503-608-0758 

New Equipment Warranty

New equipment comes with the manufucturers standard warranty, typically 1 year or longer.



Used Equipment Warranty

Used equipment minimally comes with an INSPECTION WARRANTY. An Inspection Warranty means if the used equipment does not function properly uppon arrival, you may return it for a FULL REFUND minus shipping costs.


Some used equipment will have a: 30, 60, 90 or more warranty. See the Price List for details. 

Shipping Charges: Not included in prices, unless noted as Free Shipping on the Price List or a formal quote.


Purchase Terms: Check, Approved Credit Card or PayPal.


Service & Repairs: Annual calibration or repairs can be arranged byspecial instrument distributors. Majest LLC or other special instrument distributors.

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